What Village Industries Majorly Require?

Village industries run in rural areas without any huge financial investment. These industries usually run without the use of power and produce small goods or services. As village industries contribute greatly to the employment of villagers, there are efforts required to support such industries that act as another productive arm of our economy. Thus, it is critical to understand what these industries actually require to be efficient and contributory. Here are a few key aspects on which village industries need help.

Support to village industry entrepreneurs

Those entrepreneurs who wish to start village industries usually need guidance and training support. They need to learn to install and run such an industry for producing specific goods. For new entrepreneurs, it is highly important to learn the intricacies of operating a complete industry in a rural setup. They require understanding of the financial and operational aspects in a thorough manner to manage costs, taxes and insurance. If one is weak at analyzing quantitative data, they can hire expert statisticians to make their work easier. Else, they will not be able to run their industry profitably.

Marketing and promotion

This is another major aspect on which village industries need support. It is not sufficient to produce good-quality goods or services. It is also important to market and promote these products in the right way so higher sales may be achieved. Rural industrialists are mostly unaware of the ways through which they may reach their target markets and sell products on higher profits. Thus, there is support required from various agencies for such industrialists.

Skills training to workers

Village industries employ villagers or farmers who do not know the right way to perform other tasks in a specific type of industry. For example, they may not know how to spin in a spinning industry. It is necessary to train these workers on common tasks that village industries do. This helps them in procuring short-term employment in village industries and also helps industries in getting skilled workers.

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