Latest trends in handicraft and handloom sector

There is a great rise in handloom and handicraft sector in the recent years. Despite of heavy competition, India has become a leading country and gave a tough competition to its competitors like – Thailand, Korea, Taiwan and other countries. The handmade products of India have a great market all over the world and are known to leave a great impact with its beautiful designs, textures, colors, finesse and workmanship. There are a number of handloom and handicraft manufacturers in India who strive hard to make their art alive. In this modern era, there is a drastic growth in the handloom sector. To keep up the pace with competitors of the industry, Indian handloom and handicraft manufacturers are adopting new methods and technology to appeal the customers of all kinds. People are well familiar with the difficulties involved with traditional artwork, and hence they appreciate the work a lot.

In India, there are a number of cities that are known to deliver supreme quality agro based products like – handloom, handicraft, leather art etc. Some of the popular cities of India that exhibit the qualities of amazing art work include – Jaipur, Agra, Varanasi, Assam, Manipur, Pondicherry, Kolkatta etc. Moreover, the agro based products are exported to different parts of the world, where they are receiving equal fame and popularity. To know more about different kinds of handloom and handicrafts, one can visit You will be provided with all the latest information related to the agro based industries in India and what is the scope of the village industries.

The village industries have carved a niche for themselves in a short span of time. These industries have made their position in the world market and are catering the requirements of different types of customers with their unique talent and creative work. If we have a look at the major handicraft hubs of the world, we will find that a number of cities like – Jaipur, Agra, Kota etc made their position in that list. One of the biggest advantages which the Indian handicrafts and handlooms received is their eco-friendly crafts that are made of paper and jute. Indian villages are considered as the birth places of different forms of art and one cannot find even a single village in India without a weaver. National awards are given every year, to honor the master weavers in India. One can explore the beauty of Indian culture and tradition in these handlooms and handicrafts.

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