Khadi And Village Industries In Globalized India

India is still an agrarian economy even today. As a majority of the people in India live in villages, their livelihood not only comes from agriculture, but also from the Khadi and the village industries. According to the 2011 Census, India has a population of 83.3 crore and there are about 6, 38,588 villages in India today.

The relevance of Khadi industries in globalized India

Khadi and village industries are the national heritages of the country. The most important aspect of these industries is that they create employment for many people across the country at a very low per capita investment. The Khadi and village industries not only provide people employment, but also help channelize the energies of the people in the villages towards helping build the economy of the nation. Not only do the Khadi and the village industries represent ethnic patterns, but also produce ethical patterns. The Khadi products have a strong clientele among the middle and the high income earning groups of the country.

How Khadi industries can help people

If people continue to depend on machinery manufactured products, then one day will come when they shall become incapacitated. People would have forgotten the use of live machinery that has been provided by God himself. Not only do the Khadi and village industries open up the doors of opportunity to people, but they also enable the absorption of surplus labour into the industry so that they can have the opportunity to work too along with those who are seasonally unemployed. If more Khadi and village industries are revived, then more youngsters will have the opportunity to work. These industries will change the face of rural India and convert it into a developed economy that will protect the interests of those, who still work manually or without machines.

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