Indian Agro Industry is bound to grow!

Agriculture is one of the biggest means of survival in India and statistics say that almost 56% of the current population depends on the agriculture. The country expects a phenomenal growth of around 2.5% percent in the coming years. It has been blessed with a large variety of flora and fauna. There is unbelievable diversity in the land and forests throughout the geography. Agro based products and agro industries will become the game changing factors in the coming years. There will be great economic growth expected in the sector. The country is renowned for the quality of material produced in the cheapest prices. There has been a significant contribution of the agro industry so far in the form of raw material, semi-processed material and finished products to the Indian economy.

Development in the agriculture sector, better irrigation facilities reducing the dependency on the weather, improved storage and transportation and state-of-the-art warehousing have brought significant difference in the situation. There have been some limiting factors like the absence of national level pricing, a long chain of mediators, vast geography and extreme weather conditions, poor infrastructure in the remote villages. These factors don’t allow farmers to contact the end users directly and they have to be dependent on the mediators. The absence of will power and ability to sustain against financial losses compel them to sell agro products at throwaway prices.

However, the situation is changing rapidly and there can be a great time seen for the agro industry in India.

*  Increased awareness: Indian farmers are becoming more aware about their rights. The new generation of farmers is well educated and they know about the fundamental rights. Ability to understand the market and communicate to the external world makes them capable of fighting for the rights.

* Efforts from the government: There have been great efforts by the government to make villages a productive unit. There has been a lot of emphasis for local industries and production of agro-products for the urban markets. Distribution channels have been established to quickly move the finished goods to the market.

* Structured marketing: Government is giving a lot of emphasis on the structured marketing. National level portals and commodity markets have been established for agro products and there is an equal opportunity to the farmers and the end user.

The efforts of the farmers and the government bring phenomenal change in the agro industry and there will be a great boom expected in the near future.

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