Explore the Cultural Heritage of India with Village Industries

The serene landscape comprising of lakes, hills, rivers, mountains, farming fields and flower gardens of Indian village are the hubs of industrial productions. Tourists love to visit the peaceful urban villages of India to explore the rich cultural heritage. Apart from the cultural ethics and urban life, one can also explore the village industries of jute, cotton, and coconut in such areas.

The greenery of the mustard and paddy fields, thatched huts, grazing cows and aromatic flavor of the local cuisine are some thing people could find in Indian villages. The quality of life, cultural beliefs, traditional activities, and occupations revive the pride of rural India. The hardworking and skillful men and women of the village manage the small-scale industries related to handicraft, food, rice mills, sugar refinery, fabric, pickles and handicraft decor items.

Craft shops are the traditional outlets in many villages, as well as shops that offer personally crafted care products, such as soap and lotions. The lure of the shopping village is that shoppers can readily receive personalized attention and services as there is less need for mass production or quicker turnover.

Village Industries in Rajasthan:

The state has several villages located in close vicinity to the major cities and towns. A visit to the villages in Rajasthan will provide a close view of Rajasthani culture, which outlines their cultural tradition built by the erstwhile Rajput rulers. Cultural folk dance, vibrant music, and puppet shows are USP(unique selling proposition) that enhance tourism in the state.

Churu, Dundlod, Barmer, Nathadwara, Samode, and Shekhawati are best locations to enjoy days in the rural lifestyle. Besides, shopaholics can fill their kitty with a collection of clay pottery, glitzy hand Bengals, colorful fabrics and soft toys, all prepared in Jyotisar village.

Village Industries in Kerala:

Kerala is the Indian state that comprises of mesmerizing bounties and boons of nature. This place has nature’s best creations and best destinations which showcase its beauty and charismatic charm. Kumarakom is among the top list of travelers who seek to explore the rural ethnicity of the state. It is the best village for tourism in Kerala. Travelers like to explore the soothing Vembanad Lake and its rural vicinity. One could find widest fish species like the Karimeen (pearl spot), Chemmeen (shrimp) and prawns in the lake. Rural water activities are the best choice for the tourists.

Kovalam is more of a beach destination whose beaches are utterly pristine. The coastal village life, which surrounds the beach doubles up the charm of the place. Travelers should indulge in the daily activities of the locals like coir manufacturing, coconut leaf weaving, fish markets, etc.

Wayanad is a prominent village that stands at the southern tip of the glorious Deccan plateau. Apart from the rural essence, it is more of a bio-diverse that stretches itself about 2,132 square km over the Western Ghats. Indian villages also have the ancient tribes that the woods inhabit. These tribes are unravished by civilization. The sub-tropical savannahs, charming hill stations, aromatic spice plantations, flourishing forests and rich cultural traditions are other alluring aspects of the village.

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