Economic Growth through Village Industries

India is still a developing country even after 70 years of independence. This is mainly because of the widespread villages and the poverty that comes with it. In fact, it has become really hard to balance the wealth and poverty of this country. However, you cannot ignore the contributions of small scale industries in the Indian economy. In 98% cases, the small scale industries are basically the village industries and you will be amazed to see the amount of hard work they put in to earn their livelihood. Starting from making clothing to designing textiles to handicrafts to poultry farming to fishery and pottery, there is no shortage of craftwork when it comes to the villages. Over the years, many companies and organizations have come forward to help these village industries so that their work and developments are at least renowned in the urban areas and they get a greater value for what they are doing.

The economic contribution
With so many big players in the market, the Indian economy may remain as it is even if village industries do not exist. But, if you see the broader side of these industries, you will understand how important it is for the people in India and hence the economy of the country. First and foremost, there is a significant amount of employment that goes in these industries. There are probably millions of people working in factories and also involved in various other jobs as mentioned above. The more the employment, the more chances of keeping the economy stable for a longer amount of time.
With the lack of technology in the rural areas, village industries have not flourished to a great extent as it should have. But, there have been positive changes in the last decade and more and more small scale industries are getting in touch with websites that offer easy promotion of their jobs online. Buyers from India and also from all over the world has shown great interest in these industries and this has ultimately added to the Indian economy in a small, but significant way in the last few years.

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