Different Types of Village Industries

India is a country of diverse cultures, traditions and rituals. It is also a country that has an interesting mix of people and lifestyles. While some people live in the urban jungles, there are those who make their living in the rural parts of the country. As amazing as it may sound, the Indian sub-continent also hosts a varied number of industries that are run by the rural people and these are as growth oriented as its urban counter parts. Here is a list of some industry types that are found in the rural India.

Carpet Weaving: This is one industry that has lasted for centuries in the country. The modern epicenter for the industry is in the Northern parts of India, mainly in Kashmir. The carpets made in these regions express the kind of talent and skill that the Indian weavers have and people across India and outside the country appreciate and encourage the skill.

Wood Work: The Rajasthan region, located in the west of the Indian sub-continent is home to some famous wood work establishments. These are run by artisans and workers who have mastered their art and create pieces of wonder from simple blocks of wood. The intricacy with which the wood work is done is something that is unmissable.

Bamboo Weaving: Numerous items are made from a simple bamboo, the kind of art and experience that is required in creating magic out of bamboo is a skill that is seen in the Eastern regions of India. Furniture, furnishings, utility items, show pieces and many other such wonders are created from bamboo.

Coconut shell artefacts: Showpieces and items made out of dry coconut shells is another village industry that is found in the Southern regions of India and makes for the most cherished form of memories for visitors of the region.

The amount of talent that the Indian rural people possess is unimaginable; you need to see it to experience it.

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