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What Village Industries Majorly Require?

Village industries run in rural areas without any huge financial investment. These industries usually run without the use of power and produce small goods or services. As village industries contribute greatly to the employment of villagers, there are efforts required to support such industries that act as another productive arm of our economy. Thus, it is critical to understand what these industries actually require to be efficient and contributory. Here are a few key aspects on which village industries need help. Support to village industry entrepreneurs Those entrepreneurs who wish to start village industries usually need guidance and training support. They need to learn to install and run such an industry for producing specific goods. For new entrepreneurs, it is highly important to learn the intricacies of operating a complete industry in a rural setup. They require understanding of the financial and operational aspects in a thorough manner to manage costs, taxes and insurance. If one is weak at analyzing quantitative data, they can hire expert statisticians to make their work easier. Else, they will not be able to run their industry profitably. Marketing and promotion This is another major aspect on which village industries need support. It is not sufficient to produce good-quality goods or services. It is also important to market and promote these products in the right way so higher sales may be achieved. Rural industrialists are mostly unaware of the ways through which they may reach their target markets and sell products on higher profits. Thus, there is support required from various agencies for such industrialists. Skills training to workers Village industries employ villagers or farmers who do not know the right way to perform other tasks in a specific type of industry. For example, they may not know how to spin in a spinning industry. It is necessary to train these workers on common tasks that village industries do. This helps them in procuring short-term employment in village industries and also helps industries in getting skilled... read more

Supporting Rural Empowerment with Village Industries

Unique to India is village industries – a source of much rich cultural effects and development. With the modern trend toward development, it is increasingly essential to encourage farmers to continue on with their primary occupation while also providing them options for income during non-agricultural seasons. Many farmers and their families are extremely skilled, and the products they manufacture are widely accepted. Providing a platform for these rurally manufactured goods is one way in which to encourage village industries. With billions of people to be reached with these products, farmers can maintain the delicate balance between their primary work as well as improving their quality of life. Village Industries aims at marketing these products so as to contribute towards farmers, as well as the cultural development of... read more

Scope of export of handicraft goods from villages

India is a diversified country and has rich heritage. Indian artisans and craftsmen are also well known for their products. Handmade or handicraft goods are in demand among the people. Handicraft goods if made neatly have more value then the machine made goods as the art and creativity of the person is visible on the same. There are lot of small scale and village industries which are located in India. These industries encourage the production of various handicraft products. These products include making cane basket, bags out of shells, jute, statues, zari products, imitation jewellery, bamboo products, paintings and special handmade frames and many other products. These products are not only in demand in India but also are in demand in other countries as well. Handicraft industry is one of the prime or most important sectors for most of the villages of India. Valued at around $100 billion, this industry has lot of external demand. As per 2012, the industry’s share in the exports of India is just 1.5%; however, there is a lot of scope to increase the share. Indian handicrafts are popular among the masses and there are people in foreign countries who appreciate the talent and creativity of Indian handicraft. Owning a handicraft product is a matter of pride for the consumers. With the growing economy, additional income and more disposable income at hand, people in foreign countries are now willing to spend on luxury products; one of them includes handicraft products from Indian villages. The government of India too supports the export of handicraft products from villages of India. Indian government has chalked out various export promotion schemes to promote the handicraft industry in India. Export promotion council for handicrafts was set up in 1986 aims to promote the village and handicraft industries of India. The main objectives of this council include providing assistance in terms of technology up gradation, exploring overseas market, product improvement and any other assistance related to promoting handicrafts required by the... read more

Trends in Village Industries

You can find a lot of small and big industries around you. To a great extent both have their own role to play. When it comes to profit, small industries gain less as compared to larger ones. In fact, these industries are a blessing to many people and help them to meet their daily needs. One of the best approaches to help village people is village based industries. This approach has helped many to get rid of unemployment. The government also supports their approach and helps them in many ways to come-up with their business. In fact, many new methods and strategies are followed now to make village industries strong and profitable. Agriculture is one of the major and the most important occupations which are undertaken by most people in the villages. The best part is that, along with the development and advancements in technology, agriculture has also developed a lot. New and better machineries are now being used for agricultural purposes. The use of modern technology has highly helped to gain profit from agriculture. No wonder, agriculture is also contributing to expansion of village industries by helping produce food products. There are many professionals who are offering online services to keep people updated and aware about village industries and its importance. These professionals not only contribute to the growth of village industries, but also work for the growth of the... read more

Craft village concepts in India

India is globally famous as a land that inculcates art and craft. Different varieties of handicrafts are being manufactured in India, some of which include – textiles, jewelry, wooden and metal handicrafts, etc. Craft Exhibition is the concept of modern day to exhibit intricately made Indian artwork and crafts. It is a known thing that handicrafts attract everyone, which are exhibited together to sell through craft village concept. The concept of Craft Village has grown to be successful in encouraging rural craftsmen. A Craft Village is created with several big as well as small stalls. These stalls tend to be fabricated such as huts to make the atmosphere of Indian community. Every single part of the community craft has been developed by bearing in mind the rural preferences. Among the numerous craft communities in Asia, some of the noteworthy are – Delhi Haat, Shilpgram, Surajkund Mela, etc. The concept of craft village is taken from the conventional village festivals from some part of Asia. The entire project had been implemented with a view to provide an impetus towards village artists and craftsmen. They come face to face with the particular buyers not merely from India but from other places of the globe. If you are in search of more information about village craft concept, you can visit... read more

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