Different Types of Village Industries

India is a country of diverse cultures, traditions and rituals. It is also a country that has an interesting mix of people and lifestyles. While some people live in the urban jungles, there are those who make their living in the rural parts of the country. As amazing as it may sound, the Indian sub-continent also hosts a varied number of industries that are run by the rural people and these are as growth oriented as its urban counter parts. Here is a list of some industry types that are found in the rural India. Carpet Weaving: This is one industry that has lasted for centuries in the country. The modern epicenter for the industry is in the Northern parts of India, mainly in Kashmir. The carpets made in these regions express the kind of talent and skill that the Indian weavers have and people across India and outside the country appreciate and encourage the skill. Wood Work: The Rajasthan region, located in the west of the Indian sub-continent is home to some famous wood work establishments. These are run by artisans and workers who have mastered their art and create pieces of wonder from simple blocks of wood. The intricacy with which the wood work is done is something that is unmissable. Bamboo Weaving: Numerous items are made from a simple bamboo, the kind of art and experience that is required in creating magic out of bamboo is a skill that is seen in the Eastern regions of India. Furniture, furnishings, utility items, show pieces and many other such wonders are created from bamboo. Coconut shell artefacts: Showpieces and items made out of dry coconut shells is another village industry that is found in the Southern regions of India and makes for the most cherished form of memories for visitors of the region. The amount of talent that the Indian rural people possess is unimaginable; you need to see it to experience... read more

Self sufficient villages of the country

Even in this day and age, despite the rapid growth of our cities, the majority of India’s population still continues to live in the villages. India’s economic goals can never be achieved if the people of the rural areas continue to live in poverty and ignorance. That is why it is essential that rural industries be given a huge thrust and the village areas be economically developed. Much has been done by the government in this regard, but much is yet to be done. The key to India’s economic success lies in the handicraft and small scale industries that make the villages self... read more

Village Industries Play an Important Role in Eradicating Unemployment

At a time when our country was plagued by unemployment problem, village industries came a long way in solving the problem to a great extent by creating employment among rural people, engaging them in various manufacturing activities. State Governments have also played a significant role in helping for the promotion of the manufacturing units and inspiring villagers to engage themselves in those activities by offering them incentives and welfare benefits. Benefits of village Industries There are many positive aspects of village industries which can be mentioned as follows: Solving to a great extent the unemployment problem and restricting the migration of rural people to urban areas By reducing the total dependence of the villagers upon agriculture Through promoting creativity and arts while unearthing promising talents from the rural areas Maintaining the quality of products so that they are of international standards and thereby increasing exports By avoiding the clutches of money lenders who had always tried to exploit the poor people of rural areas Building self confidence and enhancing the growth of self inspiration Products Among the main produce of the village industries are textile, processed food items, leather goods and condiments and spices. The textile products namely khadi and silk are some items that have earned international fame for their quality and durability. Footwear, bags and other fancy items made of quality leather have drawn attention to customers in India as well as abroad. Urban citizens have a great favor for spices, jams, pickles and other condiments which are made of organic ingredients and are approved as per health standards. Handicrafts produced by the village industries find their way to millions of homes in urban cities as well as to other countries. Marketing In order to showcase the efficiency, purpose and significant contribution towards Indian economy, the products of these village industries need to be marketed in the proper direction. While Governments have come forward in helping those engaged in the cottage industries through offering them insurance and other protections, some private marketing agencies have a lot of contribution towards promoting these products. There has been a constant endeavor by these marketing agencies to follow a bottom line marketing policy through promoting eco friendly products while incorporating sustainability in the process. It is through purposeful promotion of village produce that artisans in rural areas are becoming motivated and inspired to enhance the quality of products, which enables them to compete with others in the national and international niche.... read more

Great opportunities in Agro industry

The agro industry in India has not been able to generate much profit due to the lack of supply and management. The lack of understanding of the customer requirements are yet to be discovered. One can find a number of cost effective techniques to increase the production of agro based products like – handicrafts, handlooms, leather artwork etc. But, there is a great gap between the weavers and the government, which resulted in poor performance. To fill this gap, Indian government has launched a number of programs to increase the employment opportunities in the field of agro industry. Handloom sector can be said as one of the significant parts of Indian economy and most of the raw materials used by the industries are provided by the agro industry. Hence, it is very important to increase the employment opportunities in handloom as well as handicraft industry. This makes agriculture, weaving and its related domains as a good career option. There are plenty of career opportunities in agro industry. Some of the major roles include – weaving, designing, service in agriculture, carving, crafting, painting, etc. There is a great career scope in this filed. Moreover, one can find a number of institutions in India that gives an opportunity for the students to polish themselves. The remuneration offered by the industry is at par with other industries and one need not have to worry about the returns. To know more about the opportunities in village industries, one can search on the internet. There are numerous websites that helps you in finding all the details about Indian agro sector. is one such website that provides the latest information on different kinds of handicrafts and handloom works in India along with the scope of advanced technology in this sector. Today, most of the countries are adopting latest techniques and tools to produce high quality handlooms and crafts. But, the thing which they lack is the creativity and skills. Indian weavers and craftsmen are known to produce supreme quality products with their talent and creative thinking. The handloom and crafts of India exhibit the tradition and customs of India. One can find a blend of unique colors, textures and designs in Indian handlooms, which shows that Indian weavers are skilled and give a tough competition to the craftsmen of other countries. Therefore, we can say that there are plenty of opportunities in Agro industry and one can get a secured job with his talent... read more