Explore the Cultural Heritage of India with Village Industries

The serene landscape comprising of lakes, hills, rivers, mountains, farming fields and flower gardens of Indian village are the hubs of industrial productions. Tourists love to visit the peaceful urban villages of India to explore the rich cultural heritage. Apart from the cultural ethics and urban life, one can also explore the village industries of jute, cotton, and coconut in such areas. The greenery of the mustard and paddy fields, thatched huts, grazing cows and aromatic flavor of the local cuisine are some thing people could find in Indian villages. The quality of life, cultural beliefs, traditional activities, and occupations revive the pride of rural India. The hardworking and skillful men and women of the village manage the small-scale industries related to handicraft, food, rice mills, sugar refinery, fabric, pickles and handicraft decor items. Craft shops are the traditional outlets in many villages, as well as shops that offer personally crafted care products, such as soap and lotions. The lure of the shopping village is that shoppers can readily receive personalized attention and services as there is less need for mass production or quicker turnover. Village Industries in Rajasthan: The state has several villages located in close vicinity to the major cities and towns. A visit to the villages in Rajasthan will provide a close view of Rajasthani culture, which outlines their cultural tradition built by the erstwhile Rajput rulers. Cultural folk dance, vibrant music, and puppet shows are USP(unique selling proposition) that enhance tourism in the state. Churu, Dundlod, Barmer, Nathadwara, Samode, and Shekhawati are best locations to enjoy days in the rural lifestyle. Besides, shopaholics can fill their kitty with a collection of clay pottery, glitzy hand Bengals, colorful fabrics and soft toys, all prepared in Jyotisar village. Village Industries in Kerala: Kerala is the Indian state that comprises of mesmerizing bounties and boons of nature. This place has nature’s best creations and best destinations which showcase its beauty and charismatic charm. Kumarakom is among the top list of travelers who seek to explore the rural ethnicity of the state. It is the best village for tourism in Kerala. Travelers like to explore the soothing Vembanad Lake and its rural vicinity. One could find widest fish species like the Karimeen (pearl spot), Chemmeen (shrimp) and prawns in the lake. Rural water activities are the best choice for the tourists. Kovalam is more of a beach destination whose beaches are utterly pristine. The coastal village life, which surrounds... read more

Why is it preferable To Set up Industries in Villages?

India is a country of villages. About three-fourth of India’s population are living in rural areas. A great share of economy still depends on rural areas and their contributions, as agriculture, etc. Apart from agriculture, industries too are being set up in villages at a rapid pace – which is also contributing in the growth of the nation. Industries constitute an important segment of the economy. The Village and Small Industries have played a vital role in the development of the Indian economy and still there is scope for increase in production and productivity in this sector. There is more than one reason to pursue setting up industries in villages. 1. Affordable resources Villages are rich in resources and it is easy to locate affordable land for your industry. The transportation cost is also minimal in villages. Also, rural industrialization ensures balanced development by avoiding excessive concentration of industries in the cities. 2. Affordable labor cost People in the villages are usually poor or unemployed. Hence it is easy to find affordable labor to work for you in the industries. You will also benefit the nation’s economy by lowering the level of unemployment. Also, the villagers are local people will have another way of earning income besides their normal farm jobs.  3. Raw material availability Rural entrepreneurs play a vital role in the overall economic development of the country. In villages, entrepreneurs have access to locally available quality raw materials. Rural places have tremendous untapped resources and are an untapped market for new products.  4. Government encouragement The Government usually supports and encourages entrepreneurs who wish to set up industries in the villages. Government of India has been continuously assigning increasing importance and support for the promotion and growth of rural entrepreneurship. The scope for improvement and growth for an industry within the rural areas is... read more

Keeping the Indian culture intact

Many villagers have given birth to some of the greatest artefacts of our country. The village industry is small-scale, but it has tremendous talent hidden. This industry needs some space to flourish and some monetary benefits to growing. Villagers produce various kinds of products right from food, textiles, handicrafts, and leather to many more. If you purchase these products, remember that you are making a contribution to this society and helping villagers keep our culture alive. With globalisation and the flow of foreign goods in each mall, it is difficult to find the Indian culture in products we use. Therefore, by extending a helping hand to our village industries, we will be saving our culture for the future... read more

Trends in Village Industries

You can find a lot of small and big industries around you. To a great extent both have their own role to play. When it comes to profit, small industries gain less as compared to larger ones. In fact, these industries are a blessing to many people and help them to meet their daily needs. One of the best approaches to help village people is village based industries. This approach has helped many to get rid of unemployment. The government also supports their approach and helps them in many ways to come-up with their business. In fact, many new methods and strategies are followed now to make village industries strong and profitable. Agriculture is one of the major and the most important occupations which are undertaken by most people in the villages. The best part is that, along with the development and advancements in technology, agriculture has also developed a lot. New and better machineries are now being used for agricultural purposes. The use of modern technology has highly helped to gain profit from agriculture. No wonder, agriculture is also contributing to expansion of village industries by helping produce food products. There are many professionals who are offering online services to keep people updated and aware about village industries and its importance. These professionals not only contribute to the growth of village industries, but also work for the growth of the... read more

Growth and development of agro industry in India

Agro industry in India is relatively growing. The development in this sector is a recent phenomenon, where each and every state has a great contribution. If we have a look at the current statistics, we will find that nearly 10,000 small scale units are there in agro industry. The agro industry offers a great scope and results in development of various industries that include – solvent extraction, orange juice, floriculture, tomato processing, mushroom processing, etc. One can find a variety of industries that are based on fruits like – mango, orange, pomegranate, grapes etc.  There are a number of medicinal and herbal plants that are used in processing a variety of edible products. The state government is there to help the agriculturalists by providing appropriate training to improve the outputs. You can also find a number of websites that help the far4mers and agriculturalists by providing assistance in improving the quality and growth of the food products. is one of the leading websites in India that provides assistance in promoting the agro products. This firm looks agriculture from the world’s view. In order to get more revenues from the agriculture industry, it is essential to focus on the production aspects that boost up the agriculture. One should also concentrate more on the marketing issues, processing of food products, commodities, dairy products etc. The demand of agriculture in the domestic market is increased, which will result in the increase of revenues. There is a great change in the eating habits these days, and considering these changes it is necessary to improve the quality of the food products. To help the farmers and agriculturalists in India, the government is trying hard and is engaged in developing facilities that improve the marketing and infrastructure of agro industry. The government of India is providing a number of facilities like – construction of roads, catering the primary needs of rural people, rural warehouses, production, marketing, promoting etc. They are trying different methods and techniques to produce maximum crops and agro based products. The farmers should also get optimum benefits for their efforts. The main purpose of the government is to provide quality products to consumers and give huge profits to the farmers. At present, benefits of industrialization in India are encouraging people to move towards cities. Farming has become a less attractive job, which results in decreased production levels. Recognizing the aspects of rural life, the government is taking necessary steps that strengthen... read more

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