According to the Khadi and Village Industries Commencement Act, a village industry is one that

  • Operates in rural area
  • With or without power supply
  • With Fixed capital assets less than Rs 1 Lac


Village Industries in India encompass the industrial activities of Poultry farming, Fishery Industries, Silk Production and Silkworm Harvesting, Bird caretaking, Handicrafts, Textile designing, Pottery and Food product manufacturing.

It has been established that Village Industries are an extremely crucial player and one of the key factors that determine the equitable development of the Indian economy. This is due to the significant contribution it makes in the total employment of the country as well as the share their products hold in the Gross Domestic Product of India. Since times immemorial the agenda of promoting and fostering the use of products manufactured by village industries has been led by the Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Hence, this idea should not be alien to our ideology.

However, due to the rise in industrialization and the onset of globalization in our country, there has been a shift from purchasing handicraft products made in village industries to using products manufactured with the help of high end machinery in India or in other countries. This has led to our native, primitive industries facing huge losses. A lot of rural population has also shifted from the agrarian way of living to the industrial way of life. In order to considerably slash rural unemployment, a nation-wide focus on rural industries is required. is an attempt in this direction. We aim to market the various products such as food products, textiles, handlooms and leather products. With the help of our marketing strategy we wish to provide growth opportunities and impetus to village industries. An enhanced demand for their products is likely to improve their standards of production, employment and finally the overall rural health of our nation.

While you browse through our product variety, you need to think like a Swadeshi, who will ultimately be benefitting the country and the society as a whole in a small way. Our initiative is directed towards improving their quality of life by building a platform for easy and ‘one click’ purchase of their products. You can take one step towards this vast target by embarking on the cultural heritage and craftsmanship of these goods that are manufactured completely by hand, constructed with precision and filled with a sense of hard work and pride.